Accept your tendency toward clutter and move on


Most of my clients want to get their homes or offices completely clutter-free before they move on to the next part of their lives. Some want to pursue writing careers, others want to start their own businesses and still others just want to be able to have friends stop by without feeling guilty and ashamed […]

Step one to declutter your home: Stop the inflow

Package Delivery

You don’t have to be a depression era survivor to squirrel away bits of string (no matter how short), bent nails (they can be tapped straight – more or less) and the odd pot lid (you never know when it will come in handy!). However, one of the first steps to take toward decluttering is […]

Additional professional resources to help with decluttering

Teddy Bear

Yesterday we published ‘Is it clutter? 7 points to consider when evaluating your stuff.‘ We have further recommendations of tools available from colleagues: Hazel Thornton, founder of Organized For Life is a professional organizer in New Mexico with a background in both Engineering and Fine Arts. Her blog post titled ‘Is it Clutter?‘ helps answer additional […]

This IS normal!

This IS normal

Well, it happened again. I had all these wonderful ‘fresh start’ visions for the new year; lots of things I want to accomplish — completing an online course, reading the business books in my collection, blogging daily, writing my articles, maintaining my declutter routines. But then, Sunday, December 30, my throat is hurting and I’m […]